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TREAD Armament and Weaponry is a progressive company focusing on the latest innovations for vehicle and body armor. Having the latest advances in armor equates to the highest quality products for you and your loved ones safety. We specialize in concealed armor which allows the user to blend in. When it comes to vehicles we offer an array of protective options which include Bullet Resistant Spectra Shield and Kevlar Inlays along with our Ballistic Glass and Run Flat Tire/Rim Inserts all come together for the highest quality and sustainability of protection from outside threats. Our vehicle accessories include shocking door handles, blinding strobe lights, push-bars, tack drops, oil slicks, and many more.

For personal body armor we offer the latest options of light weight flexible armor that can be placed in a variety of devices from purses and kids backpacks all the way to hunting and tactical applications. In today’s world it’s unfortunate that we even have to discuss safety in schools.  Many parents feel that there is nothing they can do to protect their family or children from work place and school violence. There may not be anything that one person can do to change the direction the country is headed but you can be proactive and protect your family and loved ones.  TREAD is an American based business that specializes in custom protective body armor.  We have custom adult and children’s backpacks that are bullet resistant and can handle a 44 Mag and lesser threats.  They are also stab resistant and serve as a shield.  If your child is hooked on their current back pack they make custom insert to fit purses, messenger bags and back packs.  For less than the cost of a cellphone your family can be protected. We also have bullet resistant white boards for schools and offices.

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TREAD ARMAMENT, making sure you don’t get tread on.