We want to congratulate Tank on his 1 Million Likes on Facebook! Because of you all Tank will get his free vest and at least 7 other K-9’s will get their life protecting vests at no cost to them! We are so humbled and appreciative for all of the support everyone has given to these great dogs! As we are now getting more and more requests from Police Departments across the country needing help to get their dogs vested we urge you to keep being the amazing people you are and continue to support this great cause! Vesting America’s Police K-9’s and Tread Armament’s goal is to keep donating as many vests as possible to these amazing K-9’s who risk their lives everyday to protect us! Don’t forget to donate as well! http://www.gofundme.com/VestAPoliceK9

These are the images of the K-9’s that have already received a vest from Tread Armament, Bullet Blocker, and Vesting America’s K9’s we are excited to add more to our list!